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Balvey pharmacy

<p>Former Balvey Pharmacy, with original furniture from 1780 and pots from 1827</p>

Former Balvey Pharmacy, with original furniture from 1780 and pots from 1827

The most unique element of the MATBC is the old rural Balvey family pharmacy, the first reference of which dates from before 1660. It is made up of the original 1780 furnishings, and over two hundred pharmacy pots from 1827 are preserved.


With the museography opened in January 2012, it reveals the Balvey family through the living spaces and everyday objects of the dwelling of the pharmacist and his family. The spaces follow the law requiring that the pharmacist’s house has to have a bedroom, oratorium, backroom, laboratory and the pharmacy itself.


In this museographic renovation, the pharmacy incorporated an explanation in Catalan, Spanish, French and English that helps the audience complete the tour of the exhibition.


The museum tour ends with a visit to the botanical gardens, presented as an outdoor exhibition hall devoted to medicinal plants, where species used for this purpose are grown. Therefore, it complements the central theme of the MATBC: health and wellness.



<p>Multicolour bed from Olot, 1740-1750</p>
Olot bed
Olot bed
<p>Imperial-style pharmacy pot, 1827</p>
Manna's Pharmacy pot
Manna's Pharmacy pot
<p>Imperial-style pharmacy pot, 1827</p>
Dragon's blood powder Pharmacy...
Dragon's blood powder Pharmacy pot
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