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Tomàs Balvey Museum Archive - Casal de Cultura Dr. Daurella

Temporary exhibitions 2nd floor

<p><em>Aqua fontis salutaris. </em>Water, hygiene and health</p>

Aqua fontis salutaris. Water, hygiene and health

On the second floor of the museum, as part of the Balvey pharmacy, several temporary exhibitions are held around the world of remedies and health, organised by MATBC and the Pharmacy Museum Network of Catalonia.

Some of the exhibitions that have been held are: "Aqua fontis salutaris. Water, hygiene and health" (2015), "It all depends on the dose. Utensils and apparatuses for administering medication" (2014), “Pharmaceutical ceramics" (2013) and "Catalan and Spanish bronze mortars from the 12th to the 20th centuries" (2013).


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