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Sur-Nature, Graine nº 11

<p>Miguel Chevalier, <em>Sur-Nature, Graine n&ordm; 11</em>, 2005, interactive reality installation</p>

Miguel Chevalier, Sur-Nature, Graine nº 11, 2005, interactive reality installation

In the early part of the decade of the 2000s, digital artist Miguel Chevalier (Mexico City, 1959) began to research ways to draw closer to nature through his art, inspiring himself in the vital processes of organic growth and transformation.

The series Sur-Natures is an artistic proposal that seeks to take nature beyond itself.  

By means of sensors of presences, the plants move and twist as we move closer or further away.

In the words of the artist: “The art that interests me, which I work in, reflects upon and provides themes to the current world. A world where reality and virtuality, nature and artifice, are increasingly interrelated.”


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