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Sens dessus dessous, tête, rouge, jaune, bleu

<p>G&eacute;rard Fromanger, <em>Sens dessus dessous, t&ecirc;te, rouge, jaune, bleu</em>, 2008, acrylic on canvas</p>

Gérard Fromanger, Sens dessus dessous, tête, rouge, jaune, bleu, 2008, acrylic on canvas

French artist Gérard Fromanger (Jouars-Pontchartrain, Yvelines, 1939) is part of the movement known as narrative fiction, as well as the new history current.

In this work he employs an urban scape over a black ground. We might imagine that this scene takes place along the seafront of Sitges on any given Sunday, with people walking to and fro. A double directionality is set up, reflecting society itself, where the heads coincide but the colours do not.

In this work primary printing colours are used (yellow, magenta and cyan), which when mixed can create a full chromatic range.

As for the bicycle, its wheel symbolizes the world, endlessly turning.

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