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<p>Err&oacute;, <em>Gust of Wind</em>, 2000, oil on canvas</p>

Erró, Gust of Wind, 2000, oil on canvas

Erró is the artistic name of Gudmundur Gudmundsson (Ólafsvík, Iceland, 1932), one of the founders of “Everyday Mythologies”. The artist gathers together cut-outs from magazines, brochures, posters and newspapers, dealing with everything going on in the world, and passes this information onto his work, interpreting it in a style that evokes illustration techniques, advertising and comics.

Gust of Wind presents a contradiction: the China whose legacy is Mao’s communism buys into the economy of the United States, a capitalist state. Mao appears as a statue and a flag. The scene is in New York, seen from beyond Manhattan, with the Twin Towers in the background, as the work was painted before the terrorist attacks.

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