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<p>Jacques Villegl&eacute;, <em>Barcelona</em>, 2002, ripped posters glued on canvas</p>

Jacques Villeglé, Barcelona, 2002, ripped posters glued on canvas

Jacques Villeglé (Quimper, 1926) is one of the leading figures of French contemporary art. Barcelona could be included within the tendency of New Realism, which arose in the context of a reaction against American abstract expressionism. The artist focuses on the world around him, especially urban space.

The visual contribution of the mass media was also an important source for his artistic work. In this work Villeglé goes about attaching posters from a specific period and then tears them off (a technique known as décollage) so as to create random patterns. In this way he generated chromatic shapes that have no particular meaning, but which could contain information pertaining to a specific era.  

In this way, we can definitively affirm that art is in the street.


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