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5 Polychrome Cylinders

<p>Guy de Rougemont, <em>5 Polychrome Cylinders</em>, 2000, lacquered PVC</p>

Guy de Rougemont, 5 Polychrome Cylinders, 2000, lacquered PVC

Guy de Rougemont (Paris, 1935) focuses on the idea of the city as a jungle, introducing signs that in a very clear way (in terms of form and colour) might point to human presence. In this work the columns interfere with and modify space.

In 5 Polychrome Cylinders the columns are made of PVC, with cut-outs of Aironfix adhering vinyl modelled into geometric motifs. The work consists of three geometric shapes: cylinder, square and rectangle. We should not forget that humans created geometry in times of Antiquity as a language with which to codify the world so as to better understand it and dominate it.  The detailing is very simple here, as are the basic, primary colours.

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