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Tapis de la Fundació, Joan Miró, 1979

<p><em>Tapis de la Fundaci&oacute;</em>, Joan Mir&oacute;, 1979, Wool, 750 &times; 500 cm, Joan Mir&oacute; Foundation, Barcelona</p>

Tapis de la Fundació, Joan Miró, 1979, Wool, 750 × 500 cm, Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona

The Tapís de la Fundació, made in 1979 in collaboration with José Royo, was designed for this space.

The work has a heavily tactile appearance achieved through reliefs and textures. A predominance of the elementary colours white and black, and the use of the primary colours yellow, blue and red, in addition to the secondary colours green, orange and purple, form the characteristic colour range of Miró's output from those years.

The woman occupies almost the entire tapestry. Her large feet and the pyramidal shape of her figure seem to levitate in space. An eight-pointed star and a blue moon, a colour often attributed to this satellite, populate the celestial world.

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