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Castelló d'Empúries Flour Mill and Eco-Museum

The "EmpordàNA’T" area. A unique natural space

<p>Empord&agrave;, a region with extraordinary natural beauty. &copy;Toni Llobet - Manel Puig.</p>

Empordà, a region with extraordinary natural beauty. ©Toni Llobet - Manel Puig.

One region, four parks, a thousand things to dicover. This area offers a taste of the four protected areas in Empordà. The walk enchants visitors with its natural, cultural and intangible heritage, and you too can discover and enjoy it.

This exhibition features a mix of illustrations, photos and paintings shown in a unique, impossible image; a collage that aims to provide a synthetic display of the natural beauty of the Empordà. The aim is for visitors to walk through the exhibition as they would walk through the landscape: stopping to look at anything that catches their eye. Let yourself be led by intuition, curiosity, surprise or even drift into a daydream and see without looking.

The exhibition hopes to leave you wanting to go outside, to visit the immediate surroundings and discover the places, colours, smells and sensations that await in the four parks in the region. 

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