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Castelló d'Empúries Flour Mill and Eco-Museum


<p>FMA brand densigraph and accessories (Fabril Mec&aacute;nica Alavesa SL). Donated by Mr V&iacute;ctor Garc&iacute;a Torres</p>

FMA brand densigraph and accessories (Fabril Mecánica Alavesa SL). Donated by Mr Víctor García Torres

A densigraph from the former Posojal SA flour factory in Celrà. The densigraph is an analytical device used to measure flour quality. A ball of bread dough made with flour was placed inside a vessel containing water at 30ºC. As the dough ball broke up, the curve of the fermenting mass was recorded on a graph. This curve provided the miller with information on the enzyme activity, the optimal baking point, and the dough’s tenacity, stability, strength and balance; information all useful when baking the bread.

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