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Catalan Modernisme

<p>Exhibition&nbsp;<em>Retalls d&rsquo;ahir i d&rsquo;avui</em>&nbsp;(<em>Cuttings of yesterday and today)</em>. Photo: Quico/CDMT</p>

Exhibition Retalls d’ahir i d’avui (Cuttings of yesterday and today). Photo: Quico/CDMT

Modernism was a key period in terms of design and industrial production in Catalonia. The professionals received good education from the Industrial and Art Schools and the guilds, as well as courses at private schools and trade associations. Industry was electrified and the taste of the era favoured textile production geared towards interior decoration and clothing.
The close relationship between artists, textile theorists, craftsmen and industrialists gave rise to high-quality fabrics and products which went on display and received awards at the Universal Exhibitions. Technical and educational magazines are good examples of the creative activity and the didactic and innovative concerns of the time.

  • Original designs and samples c. 1900.
  • Items of clothing
  • Signature pieces for home decoration
  • Accessories
  • Magazines from the period


<p>Jacquard silk dress, 1895/1905 Photo: Quico/CDMT</p>
Jacquard silk dress
Jacquard silk dress
<p>Moir&eacute; silk pieces for making a chasuble, with the drawing prior to the embroidery. Design by Gaspar Homar, 1914.&nbsp;<br /> Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Silk moiré, designed by Gaspar...
Silk moiré, designed by Gaspar Homar 1914
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