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Centre de Documentació i Museu Tèxtil


<p>Facade of the CDMT<br />Pla&ccedil;a dels Museus. Photo Quico/CDMT</p>

Facade of the CDMT
Plaça dels Museus. Photo Quico/CDMT

The CDMT promotes the preservation of textile heritage. It provides specialist expertise in the world of textiles and brings historical and contemporary textile products to a wide public.

The CDMT is a center for research and preservation. It offers a range of specialist services for the conservation, curation and documentation of textile items and for the training of students and professionals in the field.

The CDMT brings textile heritage to a wide audience, through its exhibitions, documentary resources, and research, and through the workshops and activities it organizes for adults and children alike.


<p>Exhibition&nbsp;<em>Retalls d&rsquo;ahir i d&rsquo;avui</em>&nbsp;(<em>Cuttings from yesterday and today</em>). Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Fabrics from around the world
Fabrics from around the world
<p>Exhibition&nbsp;<em>Retalls d&rsquo;ahir i d&rsquo;avui</em>&nbsp;(<em>Cuttings of yesterday and today)</em>. Photo: Quico/CDMT</p>
Catalan Modernisme
Catalan Modernisme
Technology and creativity
Technology and creativity
Technology and creativity


<p>Black tulle jacket embroidered with sequins</p>
<p>Signed by Charles Frederick Worth. Paris, 1895/1905. Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Charles Frederick Worth’s tull...
Charles Frederick Worth’s tulle dress
<p>Silk purse woven with silver thread, 17th century. Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Silk purse woven with silver t...
Silk purse woven with silver thread
<p>Artificial grass. Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Sample of artificial grass
Sample of artificial grass
<p>Windmill blade made of textile fibre. Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Windmill blade exhibit made of...
Windmill blade exhibit made of textile fibre
<p>Compression fabric. Photo Quico/CDMT&nbsp;</p>
Compression fabric exhibit
Compression fabric exhibit
<p>Onna Kasen<br /> An artist&rsquo;s book with texts by the best Japanese poetesses from the 7th to 14th centuries.<br /> Japan, 19th century.&nbsp;<br /> Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Onna Kasen. Artist’s book. Jap...
Onna Kasen. Artist’s book. Japan, 19th century
<p>Jacquard silk dress, 1895/1905 Photo: Quico/CDMT</p>
Jacquard silk dress
Jacquard silk dress
<p>Parella de maniquins xinesos. Canton, S.XIX. Foto Quico/CDMT</p>
Pair of Chinese manikins
Pair of Chinese manikins
<p>Moir&eacute; silk pieces for making a chasuble, with the drawing prior to the embroidery. Design by Gaspar Homar, 1914.&nbsp;<br /> Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Silk moiré, designed by Gaspar...
Silk moiré, designed by Gaspar Homar 1914
<p>Ottoman silk dress, c.1770/1790.</p>
<p>Photo Quico/CDMT</p>
Embroidered silk dress, 1770/1...
Embroidered silk dress, 1770/1790





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