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From the palmetto to the finished piece

<p>School group. Photo: Joan Maria Ventura. La Pauma Museum Collection.</p>

School group. Photo: Joan Maria Ventura. La Pauma Museum Collection.

The permanent exhibition is organised into two themed areas located in two differentiated spaces. They are thematically linked by the social aspects of the activity and a length of braided vegetable fibre that begins at the stairs and acts as a thread leading through the exhibition.

The first area, located on the ground floor, shows the process from the plant (palmetto) to the weave and complements the handicraft demonstrations and the shop.

It shows how the palm fronds are dried, tied together and cut; how they are braided, twined and sewn, and how the handles and sides are made. It also explains the geographical distribution of the palmetto and the other traditional crafts –such as broom and brush making– that use this plant as a raw material. You can touch the palms, the fibres and the different types of braid and see how the various items are made.

For pre-arranged visits it is possible to see an artisan working. You can also buy and order different items.

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