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Verdaguer House-Museum

First floor: Bedroom

<p>Room decorated as in the time of Verdaguer</p>

Room decorated as in the time of Verdaguer

On the first floor of the Verdaguer House-Museum, we find the bedroom. It is a square room with wooden floorboards and a window overlooking the main street. We can see a bed with a straw mattress and a hand-woven bedspread, a cradle, a  bed warmer called a "burro", baby walkers, a table, a chair and a dresser. Also there are other elements, such as a wash basin, an oil lamp, a rosary and a chamber pot. The typical bedclothes of the era are on display, as well as a copy of a letter written by the poet.


<p>Varnished black round wooden table, 78 &times; 77 &times; 78 cm</p>
<p>Cradle, baby crib, poplar wood, 93 x 42.5 x 37.5 cm (height at the headboard: 61.5 cm)</p>
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