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<p>The Silvela Room houses the Oriental, Pre-Columbian and the Philippines collections, among others</p>

The Silvela Room houses the Oriental, Pre-Columbian and the Philippines collections, among others

The Museum exhibits Pre-Columbian, Oriental and Philippine art collections, characteristic of romantic philosophy and 19th-century society’s fascination for universal art and culture. 

Pre-Columbian Collection 

The presence in Catalonia of objects from Pre-Columbian cultures dates back to the 19th century, when sailors and merchants known as Indianos, brought them back from their travels. Represented here are the most significant areas of Mesoamerica, especially the Mexican high plateau andCentral and South America, specifically Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Philippine collection

Typical objects of worship linked to the religious beliefs of the Igorot people from the mountainous region north of Luzon, tools related to daily life made with basketware and wood as well as a number of weapons are exhibited here. The items in this collection formed part of the Exposición General de Filipinas which was held in Madrid in 1887 at the request of Víctor Balaguer.

Oriental Collection

This collection brings together objets d’art of a mainly decorative and religious nature from China and Japan. Among the Chinese pieces there are ivory objects from Canton. And prominent among the Japanese exhibits are two Samurai suits of armour.


<p>Quetzalc&oacute;atl, between 1300 and 1520, granite, from Mexico, 45 &times; 20 &times; 20 cm</p>
Quetzalcoatl, Pre-Columbian go...
Quetzalcoatl, Pre-Columbian god of the wind
<p>Brass and iron chain mail, from the Philippines, 80 &times; 80 cm</p>
Philippine chain mail
Philippine chain mail
<p>Samurai decorative armour from the 19th century. Donated by Eduard Toda i G&uuml;ell, 1884</p>
Samurai suit of armour
Samurai suit of armour
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