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Nocturne of Cats

<p><em>Nocturne of Cats</em>, Rafael Zabaleta, 1956, oil on canvas, 100 &times; 82 cm</p>

Nocturne of Cats, Rafael Zabaleta, 1956, oil on canvas, 100 × 82 cm

Rafael Zabaleta Fuentes (Quesada, Jaén, 1907-1960), one of the greatest representatives of Spanish Expressionist Realism, was one of the most remarkable artists in 20th-century Spanish painting. On his trips to Paris he met Fauvists, Expressionists and Cubists, whose techniques he adapted to his own very personal style. 

Rural scenes were one of his main themes. In this painting, divided into two planes, we appreciate his simplification of form, marked by the use of pure colours and prominent lines. 

In addition to this one, the Museum has two more of Zabaleta’s paintings: Still Life with Dish of Broad Beans and The Workshop.

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