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Little Girl

<p><em>&nbsp;Portrait of a Little Girl)</em>, Joan Brull, undated, oil on canvas, 41.2 &times; 31.8 cm</p>

 Portrait of a Little Girl), Joan Brull, undated, oil on canvas, 41.2 × 31.8 cm

Joan Brull i Vinyoles (Barcelona, 1863-1912) cultivated Catalan Symbolism together with other Catalan artists such as Josep Maria Tamburini and Alexandre de Riquer. He studied at the Barcelona Llotja School and in Paris. He belonged to several intellectual circles, such as  Els Quatre Gats and the Cercle Artístic. He was also friends with Ramon Casas and Santiago Rusiñol. In 1896 his canvas Ensomni (Dream) won first prize at the Barcelona International Exhibition . 

Brull used a range of pastel shades with sinuous, long faint lines that barely stroked the surface of the canvas.

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